Extreme Team Building- Fun of Building a Company with the Right Team

Building companies can be stressful, hard, and can break relationships.  Just peruse your local bookstore (or online book market as the case may be), and you will find war stories told of companies being built and the body count that litters that path to success.  Having the right people focused on a singular goal is tough to find, but when it happens it is nothing short of “magic” in the professional world.


When we began Global Specimen Solutions, Inc., we were lucky to have lots of advice from successful businesses.  The one piece of advice we didn’t get from them, but rather observed consistently across the board, was that they all had a core group of 2-5 individuals who had come together to build success stories at least once, and this team was together for each new company or business vertical attempted in the market.  This core team had diverse talents, were humble and able to take on any task needed by the company, and trusted each other implicitly. Each of these teams were rock solid and, even when recruiting new talent, were confident that they would not be replaced or made redundant with new corporate growth.

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