Global Specimen Solutions works closely with its customers to streamline translational medicine operations, reducing the time, cost and risk of specimen based research. GSS uniquely offers top industry expertise, a new innovative analytics engine, and improved data collection methodologies and technologies. GSS delivers robust and actionable data supporting research pipelines—quickly and with minimal cost and labor.

Industry Expertise

GSS global expertise spans industries, clients, and more than 70 countries with specific regulatory requirements.  GSS best practices drive strategy and development work that builds more robust and actionable pipeline data, increasing the value of your data today and in the future.

Uniquely Powerful Analytics

GSS software solution GlobalCODE® integrates otherwise separate data stores and visually communicates data findings across drug programs and protocols for entire research pipelines, revealing risks and insights in time to make critical changes to research. Custom dashboard reporting informs users of critical data analyses, enabling profound scientific insights not before possible.

Robust Pipeline for Future Research

GSS strategic planning and protocol development establish higher specimen collection rates with broader consent for increased future research opportunity. Informed analytics then enable in-life interventions to further improve data quality and future use.

Time to Results

GSS is a fast moving, flexible organization accustomed to importing multiple complex data stores and completing implementation in days not months. GSS understands the challenges large corporations face in bringing legacy data in-line and mining data for narrowly targeted needs. GSS delivers transformative results quickly—the potential benefits far outweigh the minimal cost, effort or expense of not addressing pipeline risks.