Global Specimen Solutions, Inc. Appoints Mark A. Collins Ph.D. as Chief Technology Officer

GSS Builds Informatics Expertise

July 14, 2015
Raleigh, North Carolina. – Global Specimen Solutions, Inc, an innovative specialty CRO focused on specimen management and informatics, announced today that Mark A Collins, PhD has joined the company as Chief Technology Officer.

Dr. Collins brings to Global Specimen Solutions, a unique combination of scientific, technical and business expertise, gained in a 20+ year career in start-ups, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, government research labs and as a co-founder of three companies.

“Global Specimen Solutions, Inc. is excited to grow our informatics expertise and strategy with the addition of Dr. Collins, who brings significant technical and business expertise, with a global perspective to our executive team. Dr. Collins is recognized as a visionary in informatics with a global reputation for innovation in specimen data management and we are thrilled to have him lead and execute on our state-of-the-art proprietary informatics services.” –Amelia Wall Warner, Founder and CEO

Dr. Collins embarked on a career in the pharmaceutical industry following his postdoctoral work. Pursuing a passion for both biology and computing, Mark has held multiple executive roles in a variety of discovery, informatics and bioinformatics functions within global pharma, and founded three startup software companies in the machine learning and drug discovery space. Mark relocated to the USA in 2001 to work for Cellomics (now part of Thermo Fisher Scientific), where he played a pivotal role in establishing the High-Content cell analysis market, building and commercializing several key informatics products.

Since leaving Thermo Fisher, Mark has focused on developing and commercializing informatics solutions for clinical and translational research, specifically in the specimen tracking and ‘omics data management space.

“The path to precision medicine, while not paved with gold is paved with knowledge, which increasingly is derived from highly annotated human specimens. However the operation of human specimen collection and research is challenging for many organizations, which negatively impacts “speed-to-patient. I am passionate about the application of informatics to improving drug discovery outcomes so I am delighted to be joining GSS to develop their innovative Software-as-a-service platform for global specimen and data tracking. I firmly believe this service based approach will reduce the risk, time and cost of human specimen research. Furthermore, by freeing organizations from day-to-day operations they are able to maximize the scientific value of specimens and pave their way to precision medicine” -Mark A. Collins, Chief Technology Officer

About Global Specimen Solutions, Inc.:

Founded in 2013, Global Specimen Solutions, Inc. is located in Raleigh, NC, where it provides pharmacogenomics and biorepository operational support for all phases of clinical studies and genomic biomarker programs. The Company works with academic and industry leaders to assure real-time collection, compliance, and usage of human specimens for research. Pharmacogenomic and biomarker research will result in development of safer, more effective medicines, enhance in-life drug development decisions, and improve patient medical treatment globally.

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