GSS offers specialized clinical trial services to manage live tracking of informed consent, specimen and assay data. GSS experts partner with you to deliver excellence across your clinical trial work and build opportunity for your future research.

Clinical Development
Pipeline Data Planning
Future Biomedical Research
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Regulatory Compliance
Return of Research Results
Assay Tracking
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Specimen Collection
Specimen Tracking
Specimen Management
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Data Management

Translational Medicine Strategy

GSS aggregates program and protocol documents and transforms them into actionable data. GSS then utilizes powerful pipeline data analytics to optimize future biomedical research, driving best in class discovery and clinical development efforts. Scientists receive clean, actionable data that speeds innovative thinking and hypothesis generation.

Informed Consent and Regulatory

GSS expertise ensures regulatory compliance now and in the future. GSS transforms governing documents into actionable consent that follows specimens, derivatives and assay results throughout the research process. GSS helps you avoid researchers being “on hold” for months, waiting to find out if they can proceed with new innovations. Partnering with GSS ensures your research is real-time and fully compliant.

Assay Management

GSS brings automation and global monitoring to assays used to create the foundational building blocks of regulatory submission packages. GSS fully integrates assays into its process, ensuring an ongoing understanding of how data is generated and if it can be relied upon for decision-making, as well as monitoring for outliers for drug response in real-time.

Specimen Research and Management

GSS provides real-time virtual specimen tracking during protocol execution. GSS streamlines specimen collection procedures, provides ongoing virtual specimen tracking and management, and designs formal specimen release protocol. GSS ensures data is clean, reconciled and formatted according to state-of-the-art data standards. GSS also assists with lab enhancements, ensuring all actionable data elements are consistently collected across large and small laboratories with various levels of automated data capture and tracking.

Data Analytics and Reporting

GSS delivers specific data reporting packages, including final country/team performance reports that note issues for specimen collection. GSS also builds strategic specimen retention review reports and performs ROI calculations. GSS provides actionable reports that transform ongoing specimen and assay result tracking into clear, understandable reports for scientists to accelerate innovation during clinical drug development.