Data Analytics and Reporting

Insightful, game-changing science starts with good data. But even good data is not enough today—it needs to be accessible in a truly integrated, transparent environment that allows for quick visual, real-time data views customized for different team members with different agendas. And sometimes even then, with too much data and too little time, it can be difficult to know where to look within the data to find meaningful insights.

GSS data analytics delivers the most innovative, powerful data views available in the industry today. Free from in-house operational complexities, GSS has designed a system that can integrate multiple data sources quickly and painlessly, aligning protocol data with specimen data, unearthing new issues and opportunities. In addition, GSS built-in expertise guides uses to important areas within the data for in-life interventions and better informed scientific inquiry.

Custom Dashboards

Seeing the big picture can transform direction and understanding instantly. Having the ability to see that big picture with all your legacy and in-stream specimen data is unheard of today. There are too many independent systems housing different data sets, each requiring extensive manpower to unearth needed data components. Creating the big picture is often more complicated than finding the game changing moves it affords.

GSS generates your big picture—quickly, easily, with minimal effort on your side, yet with all the upside of a truly integrated data stream in one visual real-time environment. That’s the power of GSS data analytics.
GSS makes it easy for the many different research teams to access the data that is important to them. Translational medicine, assay management, specimen management and data teams can view a series of visual dashboards critical to their work and customized to capture what is important in their specific areas of responsibility.

Real-Time Reporting

Real-time is now. Watch your trial data as it unfolds, real-time. Work with and report on your data quickly and easily, while confidently knowing that you are basing your decisions and questions and analysis on the latest information. This facilitates in-life interventions which drive trial efficiency and ROI.

Informed Analytics

A common problem today is having to amass and sift through so much data that it is difficult to discern the important from the benign. GSS built its data analytics engine to assist users in quickly determining what is important and why, helping teams ask better questions. GSS informs users of critical and interesting data comparisons, reducing risk with in-life interventions and improving scientific inquiry.

Pipeline Data Management

Specimen data determines future biomedical research opportunity. Robust, actionable data pipelines generate new streams of research. When data is tracked, auditable and inclusive of all biomarkers associated with each sample, it forms an easily mined database for potential research efforts.