Translational Medicine Strategy

Translational research is complicated. It involves working with many different teams, different data sources and different specimen requirements. And there is often too much data to quickly and easily determine what is important.

GSS understands this, has worked for decades with these challenges, and has custom designed a system to help you see what puts your science at risk and where actionable insights exist within the data. GSS exists to enhance your current research while optimizing your future opportunities.

GSS provides full spectrum support for your specimen based research. Leverage our industry expertise to assess and improve your clinical trial management processes, from discovery to designing assay and informed consent protocols, regulatory compliance and research reporting.

Ensure your specimen research avoids the many pitfalls common during collection, virtual tracking and ongoing management. Ensure, too, that you can access your specimen data real-time and in dashboard views relevant to you, your team members or your management. Our data analytics are unique in the industry because we integrate and overlay data sources especially difficult to pare; GSS allows you to see protocol and sample data relevant to another, enabling insights not otherwise possible.

GSS was founded so specimen research could advance more quickly with less operational burden to research teams. We are a fast-moving, innovative CRO that drives strategy, protocol development, specimen management and data analytics.


Begin with a plan that ensures you will be capable of answering the questions you may want to ask- during the clinical development phase and well beyond the development itself. GSS will help you explore the best ways to design a programmatic specimen test plan, integrate assay performance analytics, and monitor data throughout clinical drug development. GSS becomes the discovery team’s operational and analytical portal into the clinical development process.

Clinical Development

GSS clinical development planning outlines specimen test plans that align specimen data across protocols and programs, enabling in-life interventions during implementation and management.

Pipeline Data Planning

GSS experts work to align your data to support your translational research goals and future research opportunities. Pipeline data planning involves aligning data collection across eras and programs, allowing innovative translational research that crosses traditional boundaries of disease and compound mechanisms. While standards exist for clinical data alignment, they are difficult to control as platforms and innovations arise in the biomarker space; GSS helps you navigate and capitalize on these changing conditions.

Future Biomedical Research

Once data is aligned and traditional data management silos are bridged, having robust analytics to look at data and point out actionable insights in the data sets is key to drive hypothesis generation and in silico analysis. Robust ad hoc searching enables cross protocol, cross program research.